Anna’s Sufferfest

By Anna P.
Oh how I wish the first 175 miles “felt like any ol’ other ride”!  I felt great from Logan to Preston – imagine that – but that was the ONLY time I felt good during the whole 12 hours and 52 minutes of the Sufferfest.  Wait a minute – the other time I felt good was when Kevin came up with a big smile and gave me a big push up Geneva – that was the high point of my ride!

My knee was pissed on Strawberry and I wasn’t able to climb out of the saddle the whole day.  It didn’t hurt in the saddle, though, so I wasn’t worried.  However, the stomach issues started on Strawberry and didn’t subside until I made it to Teton Village.  From Montpelier, I was only taking one mile at time –  taking Tums and just trying to stay positive.  Helping a friend from Apple change a tire right before the bike path in Jackson, had us come in at 12:52 (elapsed time) rather than 12:30.  Not the time I had hoped for, but I finished (which was my ultimate goal).  Honestly, there is nothing I could have done on that particular day to have done it any faster.

I thought my problems were over until I woke up Sunday morning and my knee (not the one that took my fall two weeks ago – the other one) was as swollen as a small, round watermelon.  When the swelling hadn’t lessened this morning, we drove to Jackson and had it drained at Teton Orthopedics.  Fortunately, the knee is just pissed off after LOTOJA, as the 35cc of removed joint fluid was clear.  Oh, Sal, I have a nice compression stocking now, too.  Only yours is much more attractive than mine.

Lastly, ditto on what Ken said.  It’s been a really great and satisfying season.  I’m very fortunate to have gotten involved with such a remarkable cycling group and all your support and friendship is appreciated.

All the suffering is a memory of the past1

All the suffering is a memory of the past!

LOTOJA 2009 – relay, anyone?


2 responses to “Anna’s Sufferfest

  1. Hey, at least you’re not getting into that ambulance in the background.

    Nice work, Anna.

    Mike (I met you at the AB crit)

  2. Anna, congrats on finishing. Sorry you had such a bad day. I was looking for you the entire day and just assumed that you were way off the front.

    It was great riding with you on the big training rides. Really, really sorry about “the rock” south of Alpine.

    Take care of your knee.

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