Ron’s Logan to Preston leg for the IF relay team.

By Ron B.

I am sorry to say that my LOTOJA was pretty uneventful.  There was a breakaway as soon as we made the turn to head north, not far from where Dennis broke his arm two years ago.  Anyway, I was determined to catch that group because I knew I could suck wheel all the way to Preston.  The pace was very fast.  A couple of times after slowing down I checked the cyclometer only to see 25 mph!  We caught the group in front of us that had Dave C. in it.  Said “Hello” as we rolled by and he was looking good and in good spirits.  He was in better spirits when they came rolling back by us a little bit later.

We then hung with that group pretty much the rest of the way into Preston.  We got in around 8am and I was a little worried that the guys wouldn’t have made it to the feed zone yet because I had told them I thought I would get in around 8:15-8:30.  I did not anticipate that fast of a pace.  My average was 23 mph.  But there was no cause for concern as the guys were there, the transfer was made, and my stage was done.

I was tired but felt fantastic.  I can’t believe how pumped I was.  I still am.  Do it as a relay, I guarantee you will have a great time.  I know I did.  Thanks have to go to a terrific team – Alan, Mike, John, and Earl were great!!!


2 responses to “Ron’s Logan to Preston leg for the IF relay team.

  1. The relay team sounds like a fun way to go, especially for a mom of two young kids! I would like to put a competitive relay team together for next year. Who’s in?

  2. nice job bro! nothing like a good wheel! how did your team do overall?

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