Cyclists, take note

A letter to the editor in the 9-17-08 edition of the Post Register.

Here’s to all the Lance Armstrong wannabes in Idaho Falls: Your really need to read the book on legal bike riding.

Many times I have almost hit bikers going down a one-way street the wrong way.  Park Avenue for one, and also the numbered streets.

Running red lights does not enhance your chance of survival, and if you are on a sidewalk and hit me or my wife, you won’t like what happens next.

When several of you are on your lunch break riding 20 mph, three abreast and weaving back and forth on a 50 mph road (E. River Road) instead of single files, as the law states, when it comes to hitting an oncoming vehicle hood on or running or running you off the road, you lose!

Next, you want bike lanes?  Fine!  Your bikes pay no road tax, so why should my taxes go to pay for more asphalt and lane paint?

You should pay at least $25 for a license tag to pay for your wants.

So get the bubbles out of your spandex and quit griping about the mentality of auto drivers.

Bill Craig – Idaho Falls


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