Cyclists, take note Pt. II

The recent Letter to the Editor in the Post Register from an angered motorist has brought the Car vs. Bike issue into the spotlight of the local cycling community.  A fellow IFP’er (thanks Sal) sent the Peloton some links to a few articles on the matter.

Velo News has a series of articles by Bob Mionske; Moinske is a former competitive cyclist who represented the U.S. at the 1988 Olympic games (where he finished fourth in the road race), the 1992 Olympics, as well as winning the 1990 national championship road race.

After retiring from racing in 1993, he coached the Saturn Professional Cycling team for one year before heading off to law school. Mionske’s practice is now split between personal-injury work, representing professional athletes as an agent and other legal issues facing endurance athletes (traffic violations, contract, criminal charges, intellectual property, etc).  He has also authored the book Bicycling and the Law

The articles are very interesting and can be found here:

Bike Vs. Cars

Summer of Rage

More Rage


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