Lance Armstrong, Domestique?

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was intrigued by the question, almost as if he had never thought of it himself.

Could he actually be a support rider, that self-sacrificing team player the Franco-centric cycling world calls a domestique?

“Never been one,” Armstrong said, seeming amused by the very concept.

When he first raced in the Tour de France, in 1993, Armstrong was a talented youngster without the stamina or experience to help his team for three weeks. But that was before the testicular cancer that reached his brain, before the seven straight victories in the Tour from 1999 through 2005. Now Armstrong is coming out of a three-season retirement, talking of riding in the 2009 Tour.

Can somebody who will be almost 38 next July be anything like the monster who beat the young and the old, the sprinters and the climbers, the domestiques and the team leaders, the clean and the dirty? Can a leopard change his spots? Can a shark resist the sniff of blood?  Read More>


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