Tyler Hamilton Talks

From Velo News

Just after his dramatic win at the U.S. professional road championships, Tyler Hamilton sat down with VeloNews managing editor Neal Rogers to talk about the win, his return from a two-year doping suspension and his personal life, including his pending divorce and his realization of the difference between acquaintances and real friends.

The complete interview is in the latest issue of VeloNews, but here are a few highlights:

Hamilton on his big win in Greenville:

… after the last time up the climb, it regrouped to about 25 guys. And unfortunately Freddie had a wheel problem, so he wasn’t there, and I was just one out of 25. Garmin had six or seven guys in that group and they were the team to beat. I didn’t have a whole lot to lose. To be on the podium would have been great, but it worked out. It came down to the last lap, and Garmin had the numbers. They had two guys behind and Blake sitting on. There was a lot to lose, but worst case I was going to be second. I rode hard to the finish, but towards the end, we had enough of a gap that I could kind of — in the last 2km I wasn’t killing myself, let’s put it that way. I was able to kind of rest a little bit. I swung out wide before the last corner, and had him go first.

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