Catching Lance

I hang out at the Road Bike Review forums and saw the following post and thought it was pretty interesting.

After bumpin’ into the Tour de Greune director last night at Greune Hall, he tells us Lance A. is in for next week’s race. I said every promoter says that and its 95% BS, He says nope-got his money today and he’s comin’ tomorrow sometime to pre-ride, and he’s bringin’ Matthew McConaughey and Vince Vaughn to the race next weekend. Whatever.

Woke up this morning and its damn cold and windy. I figure Lance wont ride in the cold and wait awhile before I troll the road lookin’ for him. Got out around 10am, head to Greune from 1st crossing, no Lance. Headed back to River Road, rode around the campground then back down River Rd, pass the 1st crossing, headed toward the 2nd, where after the turn I see 2 riders in the distance, one in yellow and one in red, just dropped off by this black suburban. I come up on the suburban and it has a LiveStrong sticker across the back and a dude gettin’ in that in retrospect was Chris Carmichael. “Oh shoot its Lance up there!” I hit the gas. I’m on a brand new MTB Salsa Dos Niner. They’re about 100 meters away, just getting started on this little long uphill, so it looks all good to catch ’em. Then about ¾’s of the way to them, they’re not coming so close!

I kinda’ start to panic thinking I’m not gonna’ catch ’em! The wind’s blowin’ hard and I’m a little excited about this moment, there is no one on this road but us three and Carmichael, and if they hit the top
of this hill-they are gone, and then I start thinking how tragic it would be NOT to catch ‘em. Then I figure on a plan B: I’m just gonna scream, “Lance slow down! UR goin’ too fast! Come back!!!” and cry like a baby.

Luckily, I didn’t have to use plan B, I caught up to them, hung on their wheel for awhile, said “hello”, they both looked back and said “howdy”, then commenced to hit the afterburners and away they went. I snapped a few photos, and Carmichael blew past me in the suburban a few minutes later. I’ve never seen a guy so low, comfortable and fluid in position as Lance in his time trial rig. Impressive!

So, bottom line is LA IS racing this weekend and bets are probably good on that McConaughey and Vaughn thing. The great thing about this year is that the race course goes out and
back on River Road, so you can watch them both ways.


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