Powder Alert!!!!

Our intrepid Baconator Sal informs me that there is 14″ of new powder on the Grand Targhee ski slopes.  Maybe Sal can make it through the season without breaking anything.  We’re all really tired of his excuses as to why (even with a crash) he only kinda crushed all the Idaho Falls regulars at Lotoja this year.


2 responses to “Powder Alert!!!!

  1. I skied Targhee on sunday Nov 9th. Hiked up to the top of Wild Turkey where the boot pack petered out. Besides, I was tired. It was no problem finding untracked for the descent, but the warm conditions made for some pretty heavy snow. The heavy snow made for a nice cover over the rocks, didn’t hit a single one, but did hit dirt on the bunny slope near the bottom.I did a face plant into about 6 inches of snow, ouch. If you go up this week be careful !

  2. I’ll wait for the lift to run. Much easier to carry my Baconnaise up to Summit that way!

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