Triathlons of the Future

In an effort to make the Iron Man triathlons more “TV friendly” the organizers have decided to streamline the three disciplines (swimming, cycling, and running) into a single event.  Also in an effort to make the event more about the individual than the machine all participants will have to use (ala NASCAR) the CoT – Contraption of Tomorrow.  The image below is of 12 time Iron (Wo)Man champion Gertha Blanstein on her way to the starting line/boat ramp on the new CoT.


Participants will have to ride/run the CoT a total of 7.32 miles in five feet of water with only their heads above the surface.  Course marshals wearing scuba gear will insure that no underwater shenanigans are taking place.  The Versus Network has signed on to televise the events but they are having problems finding enough underwater cameras to give viewers complete coverage.


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