Alrighty then…

I’m a nice person. I just have one teensy problem. It’s something my mom’s harangued me about for years. She calls it “a lack of compassion.”

I am a moron and I have the college degree to prove it!

I am a moron and I have the college degree to prove it!

It’s not a lack of compassion. My problem is that I have problems. I live in a world so anti-Disney, I practically hate everything. And while this is not a sad situation for me, it does create whirlpools of hate so large they generate their own gravitational fields. And this week, I’m getting sucked into a vortex called “biking culture sucks.”

I’m sick of hearing bikers proselytize their hobby like it’s a religion. Hobbies do not make you a better person on the whole. They make you happy, so everyone else finds you manageable. I hate biking and am sick of people looking at me like I have spiders crawling out of my ears every time I say it. This is a hate born of cool, collected reason and an intense scrutiny of the geared culture.

One of the biggest reasons people embrace biking is to save the environment. This is crap. The environment has always been a problem. People just ignored it until celebrities started endorsing climate change charities. It made climate change the issue du jour (like autism was a few years ago) and when a new “cause” becomes cool, bikes will be left curbside like Christmas trees.   Read the rest here>


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