The battle of the bulge

Two early springs ago I weighed 213 lbs.  Then Ron at AC&F did me the biggest favor anybody has every done for me.  He sold me his old bike (a 16.42 lbs w/pedals full Dura Ace Cannondale) for such a screaming deal that my wife said “You better buy that bike”.  That first spring I got my butt kicked all over southeast Idaho.  I even got dropped twice in one ride – I got dropped, took a shortcut and found the group again and then they dropped me again!!  But the weight started coming off and it peeked below 180 a few times.

This year I had a goal to ride 4000 miles and get down to 165-170 lbs and to do the 206 mile Lotoja race.  Because of mid season injuries I had to take some time off the bike.  I was able to complete Lotoja (missing my goal time of sub 11 hours by 29 minutes) but I’ve only got around 3300 miles in and my weight still hovered around 180.

After Lotoja I became a slug and fell off the healthy food wagon.  After three months of minimal riding, sodas and Double(!) Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melts, I jumped up to 195!!!  I’ve started going to the Y to spin and I’ve started eating right again and in the span of one week I’m back down to 188.  For the moment I’m limiting my daily caloric intake to around 1200.  My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is around 1775 so the 1200 calories plus the 500-1000 calories I burn spinning three nights a week should get me back to the 180 mark fairly quick.  But that leaves me another 15 pounds or so to get down to what I want (My wife says that the 155 I weighed 25 years ago in the USMC is unobtainable – what do you think?)  So my plan is to do core strength training on the two nights in between the spinning.

Hopefully, if I can stay motivated/disciplined enough (and I can get my knee to stop bothering me) I’ll be under 175 by the time I start riding next season.  I think I’m gonna to pull an Anna and try my hand at some road races.  It looks like a lot of fun but I want to make a decent showing of it so I really need to get under 170 I think.  Wish me luck.

P.S.  A little mini goal of mine is to be able to keep a certain yellow Hummer driver from riding me off his back wheel. 🙂


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