I went to a fight and a cyclocross race broke out…

From Velonews


It might have been something like what a visiting left fielder at Fenway Park experiences, but some long-time ‘cross fans were shocked by the heckling — and then by a following scuffle amongst some expensive bikes — after the men’s elite race at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals on Sunday.

Although no criminal charges are being pursued, frame builder Richard Sachs may sue to recover what he says was thousands of dollars in damage to his team’s bikes, which were trampled in the scuffle.

At least one of the participants, Cale McAninch, says he’s willing to pay his share of the damages.

It all took place at the end of a long, cold day of racing at Kansas City’s Tiffany Springs Park, while race announcer Dave Towle was interviewing Jonathan Page inside the announcer’s trailer. McAninch, an amateur racer from Springfield, Missouri, began yelling at Page from outside the trailer, telling him that he should go back to Europe and stop making excuses for his performance. The yelling was loud enough to briefly pause the interview.

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