Seattle to Portland ’09

There has been discussion amongst some locals about doing STP this year.  Registration opens Jan. 1 for Cascade Bicycle Club members and on Feb. 1 for everybody else.  Sorry for dropping the ball but the CBC site suggest becoming a member by Dec. 19 to have your member # by Jan. 1.  Oh well, they’ve increased the rider limit to 10,000 for ’09 so we should be ok.

So far interested parties are myself, Greg B, Anna and Rod and maybe Jim S.  Anybody else up for a quick 200 miler at sea level with 500 feet of climbing?

STP registration info


4 responses to “Seattle to Portland ’09

  1. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll check into getting my # now.

  2. BTW, I left the passes at the shop for you, Ken.

  3. The IF Peloton

    Got ’em, thanks.

  4. Rob and I are registered and purchased the shuttle back to Seattle on Saturday.

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