Studly or Stupid?

I have this little mini goal of getting at least one ride in every month of the year.  Because of a lack of snow we were able to ride two weeks into December.  Then the snow hit and it hit hard but then we got a couple of days that where in the upper 30’s with a fairly warm wind that melted a lot of the snow and dried things out.  Yesterday and today was bright and sunny but temps were only in the teens.   I got a new cycling jacket for Christmas that I’ve been jonesing to try and I figured I better take the dry roads while I can.

15 degrees Fahrenheit - perfect riding weather

15 degrees Fahrenheit - perfect riding weather

I figured Mr. Craig would get a kick out of seeing a cyclist out his way so I headed out on E. River Rd.  The plan was to get twenty miles in but that turned into 15 miles.  The main reason was that I decided to turn around after coming to the second spot where there was ice completely across both lanes.  The ride was enjoyable however.  The sun was shining, traffic was extremely light and I was on my bike.  A couple of things to note: Taking a water bottle was worthless – by the time I tried to drink out of it the valve/spout had already frozen tight.  But evidently not before dripping a little water down my down tube which instantly froze the front derailleur cable to said down tube preventing me from shifting into the small ring.  I pulled over at the old Puerto Vallarta restaurant and snapped the cable loose from the ice and got the front derailleur back.  Also, it’s prettty hard to operate STI shifters with Pearl Izumi lobster claw gloves on and even though I had on a pair of insulated socks and a pair of wicking liners as well as neoprene booties, my feet still got really cold.  Well I just have to pray for a decent day in February and I should be good to go for accomplishing “year round” riding.  By the way, do you thinks it’s a safe bet that I have more road miles in this year than anybody else in Idaho?

That's no snot - honest!

That's no snot - honest!


3 responses to “Studly or Stupid?

  1. I have a pair of home-made studs for a mt. bike you can borrow to solve the ice problem. 🙂

  2. Hot Rod Grandpa

    First, I doubt you have the most miles, but who knows. All I can say is Quit “working out and start training” and you may be able to hang! Thats right I’m throwing down the gautlet already…. it’s looking to be a great year.

  3. The IF Peloton

    Hot Rod Grandpa, huh? I know who you are Mr. G.A.

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