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Cycling Quote of the Week

Pro Cycling is like sausage, I love it but I don’t want to know how it is made. – Anonymous


Bacon Stuffed Sausage


Need I say more?

Click Here for the “Bacon Explosion Sausage” recipe.

Winter Fitness How-To

Let’s see. I could go and ride this weekend in 20 degree temperatures or I could make one of these!

Coronary in 5, 4, 3...

Coronary in 5, 4, 3...


Happy Thankgiving.


This is getting ridiculous

The makers of Baconnaise were so stoked about my Baconnaise Chain lube post that they sent me a jar of Baconnaise to try out and review for them.  But there was a bonus in the box…

Coming Soon!!!  Bacon Deoderant - In stick or roll on.

I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.


By the way.  This isn’t one of my Photoshopped creations like the chain lube.  I guess this stuff is really out there.

I’m sensing a theme here…

It's swill, err, I mean, swell!!

It's swill, err, uh, I mean, swell!!

New Baconnaise Bicycle Chain Lube!!

“Everything good is better with bacon!”

100% natural – Redefines “Green”

Apply liberally to drive train

Protects your $200 Super Record chain from the harmful elements

Great on salads too! A couple of spritz and you’ll be in hog hebbin!!!

Keep the handy 4 oz. bottle in your jersey pocket for a quick blast of energy when you’re bonkin’ on one of those epic training rides