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It’s the New Style!!!

Hey, I did a redesign of the Idaho Falls Peloton and moved it on to a dedicated server so I am not limited by WordPress’ (free) hosting. Check out the new site here…

…and make a note of the new address. Hope you like the new style.


Non-Cycling Quote of the Week

“It’s the new style!”  – Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys

My First Road Bike

Excluding the K Mart 10-Speed that I got when I was around 12 years old (that was quickly stolen when I left it in the driveway) my first “real” road bike was a Bridgestone 600…


It was even the same color as the one in the image above.  With one exception – mine had those awesome foam Grab-On grips.

Picture this – a young gentleman with long hair and a jean jacket with all the latest death metal patches on it and a wad of money in his pocket that was aquired through a form of free enterprise that was frowned upon by the local law enforcement agency walking into the largest bike shop in Portland and proclaiming “I want a Bridgestone” – because my room mate had stated “Get a Bridgestone dude.  They’re awesome.”  The mechanic/salesman looked at me warily until I said I had around $500 to spend – this was the early eighties when $500 would buy quite a bike.  He showed me the Bridgestone 600 and I was a little upset that a bike of that price didn’t have those extra brake levers on them so I could stop without going into the drops.  He explained that they didn’t sell bikes with those because of liability.  “Whatever.  Can you put those foam grips on it for me?”  After changing over the grips and a quick test ride by the mechanic to “seat the spokes” I was on my way.  I don’t think that bike lasted much longer than the K Mart special because I was playing Ricky Road Racer around a blind corner and bounced of the hindquarters off a VW Bug and folded the fork, shortening the wheelbase by about 12″.  I’ve actually hit or been hit by automobiles three times in my life and all three times it was a VW Bug but I’ll save those stories for another entry.

The funny thing is that I ended up getting a job at the same bike shop a few years later and after I learned about “cycling”, Campagnolo, Columbus tubing, etc. I would just shake my head at myself and chuckle.  Those guys that sold me the 600 must have had a good laugh as soon as I was out the door.

Hey Fred!

From Wikipedia

Fred” is a derisive term used by cyclists to describe other cyclists, usually male, that appear amateurish and oblivious to cycling culture.


The exact qualities that define one as a “Fred” vary widely among regions and cyclists, but recently, particularly in the US, a Fred is somebody with higher quality and more expensive gear than his or her talent would warrant. For example:

A person watches the highlights of a few Tour de France stages, goes to a bike store and buys a Trek carbon fiber Madone in Team Discovery colors, along with Team Discovery shorts and jersey, and then rides it on a cycling path at 15 mph (25 km/h).

Such a person would be a prototypical Fred, especially if the jersey is yellow, which is typically worn by the leader in a multi-stage race.

In the UK the earlier usage is more common—used by ‘serious’ roadies to refer to (often) bearded, sandal wearing, touring cyclists. The rare female Fred is a Doris.

This usage still survives in the US – David Bernstein, presenter of The FredCast says the term is “used by ‘serious’ roadies to disparage utility cyclists and touring riders, especially after these totally unfashionable ‘freds’ drop the ‘serious’ roadies on hills because the ‘serious’ guys were really posers.” Mostly, though, a Fred dreams of being able to drop a real cyclist because their equipment is nicer.

In the US the term is also used to describe the many bicycle riders who enter fun “tours” or “rallies” but tell everyone that they were in a “race” with actual knowledge that what they were in was not a true race. Bicycle racing is governed in the United States by USA Cycling.

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Liz Hatch crashes hard.


From her blog:

“I was participating in the “Ride the Route” fundraiser for the Women’s Tour Of California Criterium. It left from Santa Rosa and went to Calistoga and then doubled back to Santa Rosa. I arrived a bit late due to traffic and was attempting to catch the main group with few friends. On the last descent into Calistoga I was a bit off the front and enjoying a great time down the hill when I came up on a corner full of pine needles a bit too quickly (understatement) and my only choice was to try to lay the bike out or hit the guardrail… Apparently the second choice was better (???) and I went head first into it at 45k. Specialized helmets, THANK YOU! Also, ROOLY glasses!!! I am so glad I was wearing those things, they kept my eyes protected and all of the dirt and pine needles that ended up in my mouth, nose and ears, yes ears, didn’t touch my eyes! Not only that but they look like new post crash, cannot believe it.

I was knocked out for a short while and don’t remember much except that I couldn’t breath and my mouth was full of blood from biting part way through my tongue. Bob Cullinan from CycleTo was on the scene quickly (and ended up riding with me to the hospital and staying with me for 6 plus hours) as were quite a few other kind souls (Greg Durbin, thank you!) who stopped traffic so I wouldn’t get run over and called the ambulance. From there it’s a blur…”


More details and photos can be found here> Cycle To

The Hot Set Up

This is a setup that I’ve fantasized about iffen I had me lots o’ money.  I’ve always liked Bianchi’s celeste green.  Maybe I am female, since I would buy me a bike based soley on color.


Cardiac Cards

I know real cyclists don’t watch football but I grew up in the St. Louis area (I’m wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap as I type this) so I’ve been a Cardinals (both baseball and football) and Blues fan since the late 60’s.  I lost interest in the football Cardinals after they moved to Arizona but I always keep tabs on them.  The Cardinals going to the Superbowl is unbelievable.  They were the only NFL team that had never been to the Superbowl.  Before this year, they had only been in two playoff games (both losses) since the NFL started the playoff system.  They actually won a championship as the Chicago Cardinals so you can guess how long ago that was.

I’m pretty stoked!!