Weekly Rides

Looks like winter is here.  See you next season.  In the meantime you can check with Ron at AC&F to see if anybody is riding on the weekends

All the rides start at Alpine Cycle & Fitness unless noted otherwise.

AC&F is located at the corner of Holmes Ave. and 14th Street in Idaho Falls, ID

Ph: 208-523-1226

Ask for Ron

“No Drop Monday”


We will leave by 6:00 sharp! so don’t be late (Peter).

The pace is usually casual but there might be a faster group that goes off the front.  Don’t worry though, there is always somebody to hang back with newcomers.

Distance is usually 20-30 miles

This is the place to learn about pacelining and riding in groups.

Wednesday Night Hammerfest


The pace can be brutal at times but there is usually a regrouping at the turn-around points.

The distance is usually dictated by the amount of daylight and we have been known to squeeze in a 50 miler before dark.

Other rides originate from AC&F on the other days/nights but nothing is set in stone so give Ron a call or check this site for more info.